Fysiotech Ltd

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Product Categories

Product categories

04 Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
04.17 Other equipment and devices for physiotherapy and orthopaedy

Other equipment and devices for physiotherapy and orthopaedy

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About Us

Company details
The history of Fysiotech LCC dates back to the beginning of 1990’s, when a team of professional and motivated people started to design and produce treatment and massage tables for rehabilitation institutions and also for home-users. We are representing the Scandinavian quality of professional treatment tables and physiotherapeutic equipment. Our products have been recognized by many specialists and doctors worldwide.

Fysiotech production experience dates back to the beginning of 1980’s, when the Finnish company Gehac OY, which now is a part of Fysiotech OY, started the production of professional medical tables. The engineering and design of our products is the result of the cooperation between Finnish chiropractors and Estonian engineers. At the end of 1990’s the current brand and product line was finalized. Since then it has been very popular among the customers in Finland, Sweden and Russia. Recently we entered the markets in Denmark, Norway and Netherlands. We are always looking for new partners to start professional cooperation.
Our company is continuously improving and adding new products to our equipment, so that the needs of every customer would be satisfied.

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