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Product categories

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03.02.03 Diagnostic tests for cancer

Diagnostic tests for cancer

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Product category: Diagnostic tests for cancer
NPC-REAAD™ is an in-vitro diagnostic intended for qualitative and semi-qualitative detection of IgA antibodies in human serum samples for nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

It uses proprietary proteins developed by Restalyst to identify specific IgA antibody to EA seromarker segment.

Detection of EA is associated with higher specificity in comparison to other EBV related markers, resulting in fewer false positive during screening. This is particularly important and is a feature that our customers especially value with NPC-REAAD™. Fewer false positive results reduce unnecessary worry to patients and the requirement for them to undergo unnecessary procedures or treatments.

Product category: Diagnostic tests for cancer
GC-REAAD™ is an in-vitro diagnostic intended for early detection of gastric carcinoma using a patented biomarker. This biomarker was discovered to be expressed at high levels in the patient’s plasma samples. Additionally, risk factor for gastric cancer like Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection, does not influence the biomarkers expression levels within plasma.

The competition between the patented biomarker and its specific antibodies is the gist of how GC-REAAD™ functions. Positive or negative results obtained through calculations help to determine the patients’ status of gastric cancer.

Product category: Diagnostic tests for cancer
HCC-REAADTM is an in-vitro diagnostic intended for early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma using a patented biomarker. Elevated levels of this biomarker were identified within hepatocellular carcinoma patients’ plasma. Internal research studies by Restalyst indicated that this patented biomarker produces better sensitivity than AFP.

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About Us

Company details
Established in 2007, Restalyst is a trusted provider of innovative, reliable and clinically-proven diagnostic solutions to the medical and healthcare industry.

We are a fully integrated company that generates the full product pipelines from scientific research to in-house developmental work of patented technology.

Our key products include immunoassays for early diagnosis and sensitive detection of oncology, infectious, neurodegenerative and other diseases.

Our R&D and production facilities are certified for compliance to EN ISO13485:2016.

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