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Product categories

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Universal medical commodities

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
05.05 Surface disinfectants

Surface disinfectants

05 Commodities and Consumer Goods
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Hand hygiene stations / supplies
Our products

Product category: Surface disinfectants
Sani-24® Germicidal Spray
Sani-24® Germicidal Spray gives you the power with around the clock protection. It is the first, and only EPA-registered disinfectant with the ability to control HAI-causing microorganisms with Continuously Active Disinfection for up to 24 hours1. Contact your PDI sales rep for more information.

Product category: Surface disinfectants
Sani-Cloth® Prime Germicidal Disposable Wipe
Powered by ACCELOQUAT™ formulation, a next generation proprietary blend of quaternary ammonium, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), and ethanol. This unique combination delivers SPEED—a true 1-minute bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, and tuberculocidal disinfectant—and the POWER to destroy over 50 microorganisms, including 17 multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) like MRSA, CRE, and VRE.

Product category: Surface disinfectants
Sani-Cloth® AF3 Germicidal Disposable Wipe
Effective against 45 microorganisms in 3 minutes. Protecting your staff and patients has never been easier! Alcohol and fragrance free formula is ideal for use around patients, residents and staff, especially those with respiratory sensitivities.

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About PDI Education
We provide best practices in infection prevention through digital product in-services, free continuing education courses, and an extensive resource library.

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