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Product Categories

Product categories

01 Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
01.06 Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
01.06.01 Anesthesiology equipment, anesthesiology systems

Anesthesiology equipment, anesthesiology systems

Our products

Product category: Anesthesiology equipment, anesthesiology systems
Prima 465
The Penlon Prima 465 is the latest high-end anaesthesia system from Penlon providing the ideal solution for today’s busy operating room.

Electronic gas mixer with digital flowmeters
12.1” TFT colour touchscreen
Optional anaesthetic gas monitoring
Integrated heated absorber module
Selectatec® compatible backbar

Product category: Anesthesiology equipment, anesthesiology systems
Prima 450
The Penlon Prima 450 is a compact system for induction or operating rooms where space is at a premium.

Electronic flow display and conventional flowmeter options
Fully integrated ventilator and absorber
Designed and manufactured in the UK
HIS connectivity
Intuitive design in a compact footprint
Low life costs

Product category: Anesthesiology equipment, anesthesiology systems
Prima 320
The Penlon Prima 320 is a versatile anaesthesia system providing the ideal solution for today’s operating room.

Clinician-focused choices and benefits, including colour touchscreen display, up to six ventilation modes and optional CO₂ and SPO₂ monitoring.

8.4” TFT colour touchscreen
Up to six ventilation modes
Optional CO₂ and SpO₂ monitoring
Integrated CO₂ absorber and bellows unit with ventilator interface
Selectatec compatible back bar
Switchable front facing common gas outlet

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About Us

Company details
Penlon manufactures and distributes products and systems for anaesthesia, intubation, oxygen therapy and suction. Quality Systems and products are certified to CE and ISO standards, and approved by the CSA, FDA, and other agencies.

Penlon supplies reliable products of the highest quality. Penlon constantly reviews its product design, manufacturing processes and systems, and training procedures to ensure its customers deliver optimum patient care.

Partnership for life
We pledge commitment to successful long-term partnerships between Penlon and all of our customers. Total user satisfaction equates to continuing success for Penlon, and for its distributors and customers worldwide.

Business to business
Penlon is a valued supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers, many of which are also world players in the Healthcare Industry.
Penlon supplies ventilators, vaporizers, flat-pack anaesthetic machines, and intubation products. We are the preferred choice for manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies who demand consistent deliveries of high quality products.

Manufacturing division
In-house design and manufacture gives Penlon total control of quality, precision and cost. This provides a significant advantage over companies who sub-contract their manufacturing and assembly functions to third-party providers. Manufacturing systems at Penlon are certified to ISO 13485:2016. Our systems and facilities are regularly inspected and audited by the FDA, CSA, ANVISA and other regulatory bodies. We consistently meet, and exceed, all the required levels of competence required by each agency. From raw metal to finished assembly, only Penlon can assure you of quality throughout the process.

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