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Product Categories

Product categories

01 Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
01.07 Emergency medicine, rescue equipment
01.07.03 First-aid equipment

First-aid equipment

Spectra Workplace First Aid System – Now with Pilfer Proof Plaster Dispenser
Major Incident Kit
Hi-Viz First Aid Kit
Pet First Aid Kit
Child Care First Aid Kit
Overseas Kit in Pursuit Bag
Torch First Aid Kit
Travel First Aid Kit

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Product category: First-aid equipment
Spectra Workplace First Aid System – Now with Pilfer Proof Plaster Dispenser
Compliant to Latest BSi Workplace Standards.

All workplaces are unique, the first aid requirements are too. Choosing from six individual options will let you create the Workplace First Aid System your risk assessment demands.
Select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 panels for your system – any combination is possible…once installed, Spectra supplies exactly what is needed, instantly.

Spectra Panel.
Medium BS8599-1 Workplace First Aid Kit.
Accident Book.
Sign ‘Workplace System Guidance’
Pilfer Proof Plaster Dispenser (40 fabric, 45 washproof plasters)

Product category: First-aid equipment
Major Incident Kit
in Large Orange Pursuit Pro Bag

With a carefully selected range of first aid products to provide effective management in a major trauma situation, this kit offers superb practicality. The top quality Pursuit Pro bag is water resistant and includes a multitude of internal storage pockets. The reflective strips are vital if dealing with roadside incidents. Contents include (amongst others), trauma dressings, bandages, eyewash, skin closure strips, and professional burn dressings for all parts of the body, including face and hands. The bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and sturdy twin carry handles for the ultimate in portability.

Product category: First-aid equipment
Hi-Viz First Aid Kit
in Orange Soft Bag

High-viz kit for dangerous work.
Designed specifically for outdoor use.
Forestry, arborist, tree surgeon, etc.
Ideal for public road maintenance.
Suitable content for serious injuries.

Handy sized, individual kit offering good personal protection for outdoor workers. Easily identifiable, even when dropped. Specifically suitable for: Forestry Worker, Arborist, Tree Surgeon, Landscape Gardener or Road Maintenance.

Product category: First-aid equipment
Pet First Aid Kit
in Green Helsinki Bag

Protection for family pet.
Perfect for providing pre-vet attention.

The First Aid Kit for Pets offers peace of mind if your pet suffers a cut, bruise or strain. You are fully prepared to treat them and get them to safety.

Product category: First-aid equipment
Child Care First Aid Kit
in Green/Purple Integral Aura Box

Suitable for registered childminders.
Complies with legal obligations.
Smart, hygienic, modern carry case.
Integral wall bracket included.

Just as no home should be without a basic first aid kit, all the more so where day care or pre-school provision is made. Ensure your professional integrity and maintain a good impression with parents by displaying an up-to-date and officially recognised Child Care Kit. Approved for emergency childcare, this first aid kit meets the guidelines recognised by the Health and Safety Executive.

Product category: First-aid equipment
Overseas Kit in Pursuit Bag
in Medium Landscape Red Pursuit Bag

This kit has been designed for giving to medical professionals who offer you treatment in countries where the sterility of disposable medical devices cannot be guaranteed.

Product category: First-aid equipment
Torch First Aid Kit
in Green Torch Box

Ideal for holiday use, camping and travelling.
Impact-resistant plastic case with carry handle.
Integrated Torch.

A small and practical first aid kit designed to care for your family’s first aid needs when on holiday, camping or travelling. Contains essential first aid items for minor injuries.

Manufactured with the durability of a petrol container, this tough and compact kit incorporates a powerful torch with a switch built into the carry handle, and a side clasp to keep the first aid items secure.

Product category: First-aid equipment
Travel First Aid Kit
in Green Helsinki Bag

Ideal general purpose travel kit.
Most suited for holiday travel.

The ideal first aid kit for business or holiday travel, both abroad or at home.

SKU: 151 Categories: Overseas & Travel, Scandi Bag Kits

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About Us

Company details
Reliance Medical was established by a team of experienced industry specialists who brought together their expertise in design, innovation, quality control, product standardisation and of key importance, the international regulatory regime. Enjoying hands-on business and financial management, Reliance Medical has become renowned as the most knowledgeable and dependable resource in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical marketplace.

Strategically based centrally in the UK, Reliance Medical has over 43,000 sq ft of warehousing space, enabling it to efficiently service the UK and export markets. A highly skilled design and marketing department is responsible for all aspects of packaging, literature and e-presentation. Quality control is managed for the group from its Staffordshire base to the highest of standards.

Industry-leading expertise, design and innovation, quality assurance, exceptional products, dependable costs, constant improvement and close relationships have forged our reputation with valued customers. We are proud to be trusted suppliers to the National Health Service and other Government agencies – the only exceptions to the unequivocal promise we make to our customer network never to encroach upon their markets and deal with end users. Customers can be confident of our firm commitment to continue building a distributor network within the UK and support them to our fullest ability.

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