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Acupuncture equipment and accessories

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Product category: Acupuncture equipment and accessories
Designed to reduce accidental needle stick injury, these bright-handled needles are now a standard when working to detox protocols, making them indispensible for clinics where wayward needles are a concern. Convenient packaging ensures rapid access and reduced environmental waste.

Tewa Detox needles:

Feature thicker and longer plastic handles
Are coated with a micro-layer of bio-inert FDA-approved silicone
Feature bulk packaging with 10 needles per blister pack
1,000 needles per box

High quality detox needles that are used for auricular acupuncture.
Speed access dual blister with 2 x 5 pcs needles per blister and are pre-sterilised.

Product category: Acupuncture equipment and accessories
EAKU stainless steel needle Japanese stainless steel Spring handle without tube 100pcs/box

Product category: Acupuncture equipment and accessories
EAKU detox needles Moulded plastic handle Drug detox needle Made from Japanese stainless steel Bright colour coded handle 5pcs per blister

Product category: Acupuncture equipment and accessories
J-Type acupuncture needles are ultra-fine and made of stainless steel, so that they only require slight pressure to penetrate the skin, achieved by gentle tapping. The needle is positioned precisely at the centre of the easy to grip plastic handle, ensuring insertion accuracy during treatment. Suitable for cosmetic acupuncture Easy hold plastic handle allows precise gliding insertion. Suitable for children and more sensitive patients. One needle with tube per blister. 100pcs per box. Colour on the boxes indicates the diameter of the needle: Dark Green is 0.12 Light Green is 0.14 Red is 0.16 Yellow is 0.18 Blue is 0.20 Purple is 0.25 Brown is 0.30

Product category: Acupuncture equipment and accessories
It is applied in four steps: First, a tender point or an induration is found in the skin, then the skin is stretched and the needle is inserted 2-3 mm into the dermis. Next, the needle is covered with an adhesive tape and left in place for a certain period of time. By remaining in the dermis, the acupuncture needle can provide powerful pain relief. Packaging: One sterile needle per blister in strips of 10. Each box contains 100 intradermal needles. The Spinex needle can be selected as required to achieve various stimulus strengths.

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We are Synergi Europe Limited and we are based in Oxfordshire. We distribute a large variety of acupuncture products such as Seirin, Aculux, EAKU and other well-known brands with competitive prices, we are also home to physio products, aromatherapy essential oils, herbal products and mushroom nutrition products.

We believe in affordability, efficiency and reliability in products and services, we have close relationships with many manufacturers in the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Japan and South Korea. Our exclusive distributional rights with many products make it possible for us to offer you lower prices. Our large stocks ensure that we are a reliable wholesale centre for your TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) good value products, we supply to many educational institutions, hospitals and clinics.

We can and we will be pleased to help if you wish to distribute our products and wish to have a wholesale account for your business, or if you wish us to produce and package your own acupuncture needles, herbs, essential oils with your own brands or labels, or if you are running a clinic and wish to reduce your cost of supplies, we will be pleased to help.

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