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Product Categories

Product categories

01 Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
01.06 Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
01.06.03 Patient monitoring systems

Patient monitoring systems

Our products

Product category: Patient monitoring systems
The new TetraGraph monitor
The next generation TOF-monitor

The arm can be tucked under surgical drape, no thumb access required
Less than 30 seconds start-up, no calibration needed
Ease of use with single-use electro-sensors and no cross-contamination
Precise & reliable information based on EMG technique

The new TetraGraph monitor stimulates, measures, analyzes and displays muscle function in surgical patients receiving neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBAs). The sequence is performed in real-time, and the system requires less than 30 sec. for set-up.

The unique, user-friendly system includes the TetraGraph monitor, TetraSens disposable electrosensors and the TetraCord connecting cable.

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About Us

Company details

Senzimes solutions are designed to ensure maximum patient benefit
Reduce complications associated with surgery
Reduce health care costs

Senzime develops unique patient-oriented monitoring systems that make it possible to assess patients’ biochemical and physiological processes before, during and after surgery. The portfolio of technologies includes bedside systems that enable automated and continuous monitoring of life-critical substances such as glucose and lactate in both blood and tissues, as well as systems to monitor patients’ neuromuscular function perioperatively and in the intensive care medicine setting.

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