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Product Categories

Product categories

01 Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
01.09 Hospital equipment, care equipment
01.09.05 Treatment and recovery room equipment, intensive care units

Treatment and recovery room equipment, intensive care units

Portable table MA
Tarsus Physio 2 electric, adjustable backrest
Hydraulic chassis to portable tables

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Product category: Treatment and recovery room equipment, intensive care units
Portable table MA

Model MA with a face aperture is what started the long and exciting history of massage table production for Tarsus back in 1989.
MA is the easiest of our tables to fold up and down.

To fit your specific work and taste, model MA is available…

* in widths 45-70 cm
* in 14 pad colours
* in white or black powder coated chassis
* with 4 cm padding as standard or (6 cm as option)
* height adjustable between 60-80 cm as standard, 70-90 cm as option.

Like all of our portable therapy tables, model MA has only 2 leg pairs. The thought behind this design is that the leg room must be free for the therapist underneath the table during treatment.

The legs may be placed under the table even if you sit from the shortend side.

See also our different accessories to model MA.

One huge advantage, and unique, with the Tarsus massage tables is that models MA, TE and ZON may be used together with our height adjustable electric or hydraulic chassis.


Length: 190 cm
Length when folded: 95 cm
Widths: 45, 50, 55, 60 or 70 cm.
Height: 60-80 cm. Also available in height 70-90 cm (optional).
Weight: ca 12-15 kg depending on width
Max load: 150 kg centered, 200 kg evenly distributed.
Pad thickness: 4 cm. 6 cm as option.
Warranty: 10 years on chassis, other details 2 years. Applies with normal use according to manual.

Product category: Treatment and recovery room equipment, intensive care units
Tarsus Physio 2 electric, adjustable backrest
Physio 2 is our most versatile table. The 2 motors are adjusted by a foot control. One motor adjusts height, the other adjusts traction.

Physio 2 is available in 2 versions:
* Physio 2 electric
* This version, Physio 2 electric with adjustable backrest/leg section. The adjustable backrest/leg section means that the leg pad of the table can be raised, thus enabling the patient to sit with this section as backrest.

The chassis is made of powder-coated all-welded steel tubes. The Construction is very sturdy. Its low minimum height and high maximum height makes the Physio table very flexible, user friendly and patient friendly.

With the Physio 1 table comes a so called Wheel pair as standard, which means two small transport wheels placed just above floor height. To activate them, lift the opposite short-end side (image). Central locking castors or separately locking castors are available as option. Central locking means all castors locks/releases with one press.

Tiltable forward and backwards. The backwards motion can, as an example, be used if a pregnant lady isn’t able to lie down on the table but prefers to sit on a chair and rest her head in the headrest from the short-end side while having a back and neck massage.

Adjustable armrests
Adjustable in height and around its axis.

Side armrests
Can very easily be folded up in position when needed. Included with all models in widths 45-60 cm (70 is the only exception). The pad is ca 14 cm wide and 51 cm long on its longest point, 36 at its shortest.


Length: Ca 195 cm. Since the head cushion is movable along the headrest, the length is a bit flexible
Width: 45, 50, 55, 60 or 70 cm. Note that no side armrests are included with width 70 cm
Height: Ca 52-90 cm (standard). Extra low (48-88 cm) is available as option, then with central locking castors.
Weight: Ca 75 kg
Side armrests: Widens the table ca 30 cm.
Adjustable armrests: 40×15 cm.
Angle adjustable backrest/leg section: 68°
Angle headrest: 90° down, 45° up

Product category: Treatment and recovery room equipment, intensive care units
Hydraulic chassis to portable tables
1994 the Swedish national World Cup Soccer team needed a stationary solution for their portable Tarsus massage tables when they where to go to the US World cup.

When they asked us about it, we developed our chassis.

The chassis enables the owner of a portable Tarsus table to have a stationary solution in a clinic, while using the same portable table when visiting a patient or during a game.

This solution, unique for Tarsus, makes a therapist very flexible.

Height adjustment
The chassis is available with hydraulic or electric height adjustment.

All-welded powder-coated steel chassis, chromium-plated details. Very sturdy construction.

Which table can I mount on a chassis?
The chassis is made to work with all Tarsus portable tables regardless of width and model. The only exception is model LITE, which is too short. One can therefore have two different models or different widths, and still be able to mount any of the tables to the same chassis.

With the chassis is included a so called wheel-pair. The wheel-pair is a set of wheels welded just above the floor onto one of the short-end sides of the chassis. When lifting the opposite side of the chassis, the wheels hit the floor and you could roll away the chassis, whioch is practical while cleaning. As option Tarsus offers central locking castors or separately locking castors.

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About Us

Company details
Tarsus is a Swedish-based family-owned company originating in Sjöbloms Sjukvårdsutrustning AB, which was founded in 1948. It is owned and run by a third generation Sjöblom. We manufacture all our products in our own factory in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

Quality is a Word of honor for us. Our ambition is that you should experience this from your first contact with us and onwards. A close relationship with the users, long experience and pleased customers all over the world are some of the reasons why our Products are in ever increasing demand.

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